Team Development

In the global fast paced-environment of the 21st century, new skills become key factors: systems thinking, working creatively together, collaboration across diversity and acting with the larger community in mind.

Relationship Systems Intelligence™, or RSI (by CRR), is a different way of approaching leadership and team interactions.The basic principle of RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself. This shift in focus enables Leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns and petty conflicts to a positive and generative group identity.

The strength of a team’s identity provides resilience and the resources necessary to navigate the constantly changing challenges organizations face.
Goette Coaching works with the tools and techniques of Relationship Systems Intelligence.

As a result from coaching you can expect to see the following impact on the team/system, amongst many other:

  • The capacity that will make the biggest difference in a team’ s effectiveness is the leader’s ability to relate to the team as a whole system rather than a group of individuals. In order to develop a high performing team, a leader and his/her team need to become aware, responsive, accountable, intentional and co-responsible for the dynamics of the team system. The leader will shift his/ her focus from leading multiple team members on a 1:1 basis to leading the team as a system. The leader knows that he/ she is also part of the team. By accessing information and wisdom from the Team Entity, a different collective intelligence is available, capable of transforming a team’s potential.
  • Teams with high RSI show an elevated level of interconnectedness that leads to a higher level of trust. This in turn enables the team to create new and better ways of working together. It stimulates inspiration, positivity and innovation. RSI enables teams to use conflict in a constructive manner, harnessing the creative potential of diversity while paving the way for emerging change. Trust and interconnectedness are created through meaningful and honest dialogue, which can only be had when fear is absent. It is cemented by trusting the positive intentions of one’s colleagues and intentionally looking for these. Teams with a high level of trust are more likely to become top performers.



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