Coaching Program

Goette Coaching offers programs for individuals as well as organizations. Each program is customized to your/the client’s needs, its duration depends on your objectives and desired outcome.

Contract - Coacing Process


  • Chemistry session between coachee and Goette Coaching to determine good match.
  • Coachee and coach hold joint meeting to contract on coaching expectations and process and to agree on the coaching objectives. If corporate client, manager of coachee joins this meeting.

Assessment phase

  • Coach reviews all relevant data available.
  • Coach conducts an assessment if and as agreed during the contracting phase, including tools such as the following :
    • a 360‐Degree Questionnaire to raters (self, manager, peers, direct reports, others)
    • different assessments
Assessment - Coacing Process
Plan - Coacing Process

Development planning

  • Coach and coachee prepare a customized.
  • Development Action Plan identifying 2‐3 key areas of focus, as well as outcomes measure of success. If corporate client, manager to input and to confirm commitment and support for the coachee’s objectives and development goal.

Coaching process

  • The coaching contract is agreed on by coach and coachee (and manager).
  • Coach meets monthly or bi-weekly with coachee.
  • Coaching objectives are regularly tracked through progress checks on the current development plan.
  • Coaching may involve a variety of techniques and tools including role plays, strategy and goals conversations, just‐in‐time conversations or check ins around time sensitive issues, meeting agenda reviews, pre‐presentation coaching, etc.
Control panel - Coacing Process
Closure - Coacing Process

Closure and evaluation

  • At conclusion of the coaching engagement, coach and coachee discuss outcome and accomplishment of the coaching objectives. If corporate client, coach prepare brief summary whilst respecting the confidentiality agreement.
  • Coachee fills in specific coaching evaluation form.

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