Women leadership

There are many challenges to women in Leadership: Many of those come from other people, yet some of them come from the women themselves. Women need to be confident in them and their abilities. Women must learn to understand better the terrain they’re operating in – the ecosystem they’re engaged in – and power up their skills and accountability in order to navigate it successfully. Women Leaders are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and thus appear less assertive and less confident. Many women leaders do not believe they can embrace all facettes of themselves and still be a successful leader at work. The often feel not being heard in meetings; they struggle to negotiate or to ask directly for a promotion; they are told to step in and up, to be more assertive and then they fear to be called “bossy” or to loose their authentic personality!

This bears the risk that they may start aiming low, and play not to loose rather than to aim high and play to win! Women need to embrace their authentic personal brand, build their confidence and self-worth, enhance their communication, leadership and decision-making skills, forge vital partnerships, and step up to their fullest potential to claim the leadership authority they want. As a result from coaching you can expect to gain an honest picture of your strengths and development needs, enabling you to determine priorities in both your professional and personal life.

You will gain deeper understanding of own impact and self-imposed barriers, you will identify your own leadership style and capitalize on your personal strengths. You will also learn how to lead with authenticity, clarifying your personal values and how they fit within the organizational culture. This will enable you to make new choices for investment of personal energy based on trade-offs and rewards. You will build confidence and autonomy, and learn strategies for networking and using your power and influence more effectively within your organization. You will gain powerful new techniques and practice them in real time. In turn, they will help you dig deeper to better understand yourself – and how you can flourish more fully at work and in life.


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