Esther’s coaching style is very innovative and stimulating. I learnt a lot and had a number of eye-opening moments. Having a radiant personality, Esther addressed some difficult questions and comments in a way that induced my further thinking and analysis of the situations that we discussed. Phone sessions were good but I found that face-to-face discussions were more fruitful. Some comments sealed with Esther’s smile will remain excellent reminders and signs on my new leadership avenue. Esther is a perfect coach for those who are looking for discovering their authentic way for leading towards high level goals.
Group Lead

Health Sector, NGO

Sessions with Esther have offered me the opportunity to make me feel stronger knowing myself better so I’ll always remind the resources she has taught me through my captain and crew members as well as the wheel of life. I’ve seen the coaching sessions like guidance and support where her role as a coach has been crucial as well as me as participant.

Her coaching style has been perfect for me as it was my first experience in coaching. She managed to implement a friendly environment and a good feeling between us which has been essential for me to communicate efficiently with her. In addition, she gave me a lot of tools and input to feel stronger and more confident in my professional life.


Finance, Consumer goods

Esther’s coaching style can be described as very democratic in the sense that the coachee is pushed in a way to make the statements/make decisions himself while Esther leads the way to make it happen. She puts people at ease and you feel very comfortable talking and sharing your feelings/projects with her.

The most helpful points for me have been first to be able to make a clear statement of where I am in terms of my career at XX and maybe life in general. Also, we did some great exercises named which I thought was very powerful.


Marketing, Consumer goods

When I met Esther I was contemplating my career options and was suffering from a huge loss of self-confidence. Coaching with Esther has enabled me to pin-point some long-standing negative emotions and get me through some difficult patches to achieve life confirming changes.

Her ability to see through the fog of my thoughts and identify the key issues was central to the success of the coaching sessions. She is smart, insightful, kind and generous. Through her support I have increased my self–knowledge, improved key relationships and know what inner strengths to draw on when I need them.


Health Sector, Academia